Hanimex HMG 1292

In 1976 a German company called 'Radofin' released the '1292 Advanced Programmable Video System' and soon after sold the license to eight other companies, Hanimex being one of them. Hanimex released their version of the console primarily in Australia but also in parts of Europe.

All versions of the console used a Radofin XM-2050 board and each board is stamped with XM-2050-?. The character in the ? position refers to the company that was to release the console. This Hanimex unit has an 'F'. If you look at the component side of the PCB it is just stamped XM-2050 but the stamping on the rear shows the F.

The cartridge based console featured two non-detachable controllers sporting two fire buttons and twelve function keys as well as a pretty standard two axis joystick.

Graphically it could output four single colour sprites but I've read that one of the sprites could be eight colours (though I've not seen that used in any of the games I've tested) and it offered three channel sound. The console was able to display a four digit score counter and backgrounds made from differing coloured lines.

** Instruction manual scans courtesy of console-picture-page.de

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Unit pictured has been sold and its location is unknown.