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The Knob Box - 2010

Note: I'm working towards patenting this idea so I apologise for the general nature of the details below

Basically I wanted something that I could run more than one input signal into, layer effects, if possible play
and modify the sound live in the process

It's amazing what you can make from junk, cheap micro processors and an old print server casing

Like most effects units the Knob Box relies heavily on incoming sound to generate its output
At its core are two oscillators that generate a fairly standard array of effects

What makes this unit different is that you can run the sound exiting the oscillators through one to four
processing channels depending on your whims

knob box project construction image 1 knob box project construction image 2 knob box project construction image 3 knob box project construction image 4
knob box project construction image 5 knob box project construction image 6 knob box project construction image 7 knob box project construction image 8

When all BNC ports are terminated only the RCA in channel is in use making it a basic oscillation effects box

The neat part is that unlike traditional effects boxes where you are stuck with running the same effect
around inside the unit, you can patch new external sound sources onto the three BNC connector channels,
laying them on top of the existing mix to make some truly great and sometimes horrible sounds

Removing a terminator opens that channel and the effects selector acts on that new channel's input signal
combining the previous input with your new selections

You can then layer new or the same effect over the previous effect and control the amount of impact
on that sound using the Effect Saturation control knob

Check out the demo movie, I'll make more sense then.

Currently it only outputs to a single channel, however I'm working to improve on that to make pan effects
worth while. It will take on/off expression pedal input to provide a hold sound function allowing the current
effect to keep playing while you make settings changes that will only modify the sound once the expression
pedal is released

Due to the free 'add sounds as you go' architecture it's going to be an enjoyable process of finding out
what exactly this little box can do!

Stream the demonstration here 

download the video clip of the knob box demo here

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